Artisan Soaps

These soaps are handmade in small batches with food-grade oils, liquids and additives, lye, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrances, and they are cured for 4-6 weeks on steel drying racks. Artisan soaps are made to be good for you. Currently, there are many different soaps for you to choose from, with more on the way. #jabonesartesanalespr 

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Eco Friendly Items

 This Collection offers sustainable products with the unique style, performance, and durability that only K&D eco market offers.

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Facial Care

Take care of your gorgeous skin and keep it smooth and hydrated all year round. Whatever your skin type, cleansing, hydrating and exfoliating on a regular basis can help to maintain a healthy balance. Try our naturals products to nourish your skin, you don't regrets.

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Hair Care Collection

Fall in love with our favorite hair care products. The Hair Care Collection by KD eco market is our choice quality lineup of products that gently cleanse, condition, protect, and repair your hair without any chemicals.

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Online Courses

In this collection you will
find all the online
courses we offer.

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Sensitive Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is very important. Everything you apply comes through our pores. Not all skins are the same, some are oily, others dry and there are some very sensitive. 

For this reason, we have created a line for that kind of extra sensitive skin. This line is based on helping to keep the skin clean, soft and radiant using the benefit of plants. They have no fragrance or colors.

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