Gorgeous Edition

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This edition is full of nutrients to moisturize and take care your skin. The content of cocoa butter in addition to being high in vitamin E, gives the skin firmness, moisture and shine. Cocoa Butter seals in moisture without clogging pores. They are a big size thinking about the use of the whole family.

Sweetness: This fragrance is beautiful, top notes of citrus with middle notes of apple, sugar and violet intermingle with bottom of musk to create this enchanted fragrance. 

Vanille: More adult than some Vanillas, this is a creamy, dulcet scent with a hint of browned caramelized sugar to tantalize the senses and beguile the nose. Granulated french vanilla.

Earth: The notes of this fragrance are patchouli oil, labdanum resinoid, tonka absolute, grapefruit oil, and tiny hint of anise. Compare to Lush® brand Rentless™

SPA: SPA fragrance oil is a beautifully clean and fresh herbal scent with light notes of florals. It is a spa-like light scent this great fragrance. Compare to Mad Oils® brand Loo Loo Shampoo™

Garden: The combination of turmeric, rosemary and cassia makes this soap suitable for daily use. This soap purifies the skin, aids in decreasing acne traces, freckles due to its antioxidant properties and revitalizes skin cells. 

Ingredients: Distilled water, saponified oils: olive, coconut, sunflower, cocoa butter, sustainable palm and castor. Safe fragrance for skin, vitamin E, mineral color.

Weight: 6.4oz to 7oz (approximate)

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