Doggie Spray

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  • Plantiful calm & refresh dog fragrance 
  • Refreshes coats with a fresh-smelling pick-me-up filled with essential oils
  • Lavender oil and combined with tea tree helps soothe the nerves of many dogs during bath time
  • Organic neem benefits the upkeep of skin and fur with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins
  • Spray throughout coat before, in between, or after washes 
  • It also helps repel fleas and ticks
 Ingredients: Witch hazel, neem oil, Tea tree and lavender essential oils.  
     Weight: 4oz 
    However, the Doggie Spray is NOT FOR USE ON CATS. Tea-Tree Oil may be toxic to cats, and cats have a very delicate skin balance. DO NOT SPRITZ A CAT WITH THE DOGGIE SPRAY.